Co-anchor does not approve of defiling fowl.

A local news anchor – Ernie Anastos, in New York City – tells his weatherman to “Keep f-ckin’ that chicken” during their smiley and light-hearted banter.
Everything about this clip makes me giggle – the horrified and confused looks of his co-anchors, the anchor’s complete douchebaggery, and of course, the fact that he said “Keep f-ckin’ that chicken.” I think we should start using this as during small-talk on the street.

“What’s up?”
“Not much, man.”
“Alright, daddio. Keep f-ckin’ that chicken.”

Chia Obama! Is there a better way to show your friends and neighbors that you love your country and your president?

Street performer plays the Inspector Gadget theme song on empty beer bottles. 36 seconds of bliss.


Odd time-waste. I only got 1 of my first 10 right. I’m apparently not too up on my cheeses or fonts.

There are things that make me a bit embarrassed to say I’m from Texas. This is one of those things.

And finally, this video below will change your life in some way. Especially if you like dogs and/or broken English. Because sometimes, “the only thing to do is run away…”

Wait… what is that??

Sex VaseHow does your filthy, perverse mind see the vase on the right?

This will be the most disturbingly insane thing you see this week. Don’t question it… just enjoy and never speak of it again.

Oh, let us laugh and weep simultaneously for the people of  Wal-Mart.
(thank you, Sheila)

Reading Rainbow

This makes me incredibly sad. And apparently the Bush Administration’s to blame. Is everybody else super un-shocked?

Glenn Beck is retarded. And he’s a jackass. He’s a retarded jackass.

My love for insane Japanese television knows no bounds. Esquire can dig that.

Obama PaintingRandom Thoughts From People Our Age. Genius. If you’re not my age, maybe not

Who among hasn’t seen one or two of these images when we close our eyes and dare to dream?

How Storm Troopers spend their days off. I laughed at this more than I expected to. Out loud.

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